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We live to travel... no plans... no rush... Wandering across the globe learning about different realities... Living and sharing with people of every nation... A dream we are able to live thanks to Arte nomada.

We created this site convinced that others would love to discover some of the treasures that we found along the way and that it would be a great way to share our travels and continue the adventure*

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Arte nomada  was born from our wanderlust and deep curiosity about the art and crafts of the indigenous traditions. We love getting lost in all kinds of markets, bazaars and souks, visiting the artisan communities and artists in their own studios and workshops, getting to know them really well and allowing ourselves to be blown away by their talent.     

We prefer to work with local artisans so that they and their families can benefit directly. This also allows us to offer high quality handcrafts at a reasonable price. 

Arte nomada is packed with unique native art objects. We want to share the story that hides behind their shapes, colors and symbols as well as the techniques and materials used to create them.  

The majority of the products we offer are handmade by skilled craftsmen, many of whom are good friends, whose creativity and skills continue to be a source of great inspiration to us.

We are beginning to create together, playing with mixing the techniques and motifs from different traditions for a "mestizo" product that blends elements across all cultures. The first fruits of this collaborative project are already available in

Right now part of our team is in PERU ... Looking for some particular Inca silver design?, a handwoven poncho?, a tapestry perhaps? ... We are happy to locate any type of Peruvian handicrafts for you . Our craftsmen friends accept custom orders as well. Tell us what you need and we'll try to find the best deal according your needs and budget .

We hope you enjoy the visit!

For further information or help with any questions please contact us

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